The holiday paradises of the Swedish Customs officers
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Translation into English of the text in the folder "Tulltjänstemännens semesterparadis" (The Holiday Paradises of the Swedish Customs officers)

As an employee in the Customs or in the Coast Guard you and your family can stay in a number of unique holiday homes in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and France. This folder gives you information about the holiday homes in Sweden.

Bönan is a fishing - village situated 13 km NE of Gävle ( 150 km north of Stockholm) at the north coast of The Baltic. Here, on a large beach-lot, is our holiday home with two dwelling - houses, store house and boat-hoses. There is a lot of fishes in the sea such as Baltic herring, perch and whitefish and you can go out fishing or buy fish from the fishermen. Bönan is ideal for you who want to be active during your holiday and have the possibility to visit interesting destinations of excursion such as the pleasure ground of Furuvik.

There are three apartments, each with kitchen , between three and six beds, common showers and toilets. Common sauna, out-door grill, canoe, rowing-boats with outboard motors and bikes. Food shop (1 km), mini-golf (1 km), tennis-court (3 km), 27 hole golf-course (6 km) and restaurant (500m).

Lervik lies north of Strömstad, near the Idefjorden and the Norwegian border. Your living here is similar to that in Ledsund. Fresh water has to be fetched from Nordby. But it is worth that trouble when you can enjoy the fantastic surroundings, the cliffs and the rocks, the fishing, the sun and the deep-clear salt water that can be offered only by the west coast.

One house with two rooms and kitchen for five persons. Two extra beds in the attic. There is one rowing boat with outboard-motor. Your car can be parked 300m from the house. Food and others in Nordby, 5 km.

The holiday home is beautifully situated at the "Tjuvahålan" near the village of Tylösand, 10 km from Halmstad (at the coast of Kattegatt). The "Tjuvahålan" (the thief's cavern) has it's own thrilling story. In the middle and the end of the 19th century coast guard officers lived here, combating the smugglers who landed their contraband in the vicinity. The home is suitable for children and has it's own beach. The possibilities of fishing are good and during the late summer and autumn there is an abundance of mushrooms and berries.

The holiday home has eight apartments with four beds each. In five of them there is kitchen or pentry. Common TV-room, toilet, shower-room, sauna and laundry with washing-machine. Bikes and a rowing - boat with an outboard-motor can be borrowed. Restaurant, grocery and a 2 x 18 hole golf-course are in the vicinity.

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